The enlargement of the document can be effected in steps, or through one of the following presets.

Fit to Size

Choose View Fit to Size to force a complete page to automatically appear in the document window.

Fit to Width

Choose View Fit to Width to have the window show the entire width of the document.


Choose View Zoom to use one of the predefined zoom factors, or enter a value of your choice.

Zooming In/Out

Choose View Zoom in or View Zoom out to vary the current zoom factor in steps.

Choose Tool Zoom to vary the current zoom factor by selecting a rectangular region in the document.

On devices with multi touch screens, you can also Zoom in and out using a two finger gesture.

Zoom History

Quickly zoom in to view a detail and get back to your previous view with a single click: Choose Tool Tool Styles Previous View to jump back to your previous zoom positio.

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