Melting Annotations

A unique feature of PDF Annotator is the ability to see all of your saved annotations in another PDF application, and still be able to process them in PDF Annotator the next time that you open it. However, if you prefer, you can also irrevocably merge all your annotations into the document.

Melting Annotations

To irrevocably merge all your annotations in the document, select Edit Melt All Annotations.

Melting does NOT mean that the PDF document can no longer be modified by third parties! Before melting, annotations created in PDF Annotator can be modified in PDF Annotator, but after melting no more. By melting, the annotations become part of the content of the PDF document. This content can always be modified - before or after melting - using suitable tools! Modifications by third parties can only be prevented by setting password protection.

Persistence Mode

Alternatively, by choosing Extras Settings Save Persistence instead of the default setting Always editable, the setting Editable until saving or Not editable can be substituted. Annotations will then automatically be saved, either immediately, or every time that the document is saved.

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