We are constantly working to improve PDF Annotator and to correct any know deficiencies. Since this process may sometimes be time-consuming, we let you know of any known deficiencies here.

General Observations

Although we make an effort to take advantage of all the functionality of the PDF standard to display objects correctly, it is possible that some PDF documents may not be displayed correctly, or only partially displayed.

The possibility also exists that certain PDF files created with PDF Annotator may not be displayed correctly either in PDF Annotator or in other PDF products. Therefore, be sure to save backup copies of your original documents.

Any problems that have just been reported are listed below under "Known Problems."

If you discover a problem not listed under "Known Problems," please contact our Product Support. If possible, please send us any examples that illustrate the problem. Any documentation that you send us will, of course, be treated confidentially.


  • Documents protected by Adobe ® DRM cannot be opened. This does not apply to documents that are protected only by a normal user or author password.
  • Windows on ARM: The Print to PDF Annotator feature is not available on devices running on ARM processors.

Known Problems

Current information on known problems can be found here:

Planned Features

  • Numerous improvements planned

We regret that we cannot guarantee that planned features will be incorporated in an upcoming version. A planned feature may later be removed from the list. Planned features may be part of an update or a base version that can be acquired only at additional cost.