Annotations Sidebar

The annotations sidebar provides an overview of all annotations made with PDF Annotator within the current document. Annotations get displayed with small previews grouped by page number. Icons visualize additional information, like types of annotations, grouping or lock status.

Opening the Annotations Sidebar

To see an overview of all annotations within the current document, open the Sidebar by clicking the Annotations tab on the left edge of the window. Alternatively, you can choose View Sidebar Annotations on the menu.

After making modifications on the document, the sidebar will turn gray, and will require a refresh. Click anywhere within the grayed area in the sidebar to refresh the annotations list, which will then immediately reflect all your modifications.

Selecting Annotations and Jumping to Annotations

In the tree view with all page numbers and annotations, click any annotation to jump directly to this page. The annotation you clicked will be selected, and can now for example be edited or moved. You can also select multiple annotations at once by checking the checkbox top left of each annotation preview, or by keeping the Ctrl or Shift keys pressed while clicking more annotations.

Editing Annotations

The selected annotations can now be edited in various ways, directly from the sidebar. Right click a selected annotation or click the Selected Annotations... button on top of the sidebar.


The list of annotations displayed in the sidebar can be filtered in various ways. On top of the sidebar, press the Filter button and set your filter criteria, like Types, Colors and Pages. As long as a filter is set, the list in the sidebar will now only display those annotations which meat the filter criteria. Below the list, you will notice a bar with a checkbox next to Active Filter. By unchecking this box, you can temporarily disable the filter.

The Print and Export commands respect the filter settings and will only print or export the annotations currently displayed in the list.

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