Selecting and Editing Annotations

Annotations can be moved or resized. They can also be moved to and from the Windows clipboard.

Selecting Annotations

To select an annotation, use the Select tool under Tool Select or the Lasso tool under Tool Lasso Select. Click a single annotation in order to select it. Select multiple annotations in a rectangular area with the Select tool or circle multiple annotations to select all the annotations within the area with the Lasso.

Moving and Resizing Annotations

The cursor turns into a Move symbol when placed on a selected annotation. Click and drag in order to move the selection.

Drag one of the corners of the box to make the selection larger or smaller.

To maintain the selection's aspect ratio while resizing, enable Tool Tool Styles Keep Aspect Ratio.

Holding the Ctrl key pressed while resizing will keep the selection's aspect ratio constant. Keep the Shift key pressed to make the aspect ratio square.

Another way to resize annotations is to select Edit Selection Resize. If you selected more than one annotations, you can now make them all the same size by choosing Smallest or Largest for Width or Height. Alternatively, you can always enter exact sizes under User defined, or a Percentual value. Check Maintain aspect ratio to enter only a new width or height, and let the other value be calculated automatically.

Aligning Annotations

To align a selection of annotations, choose Edit Selection Align. Annotations can be aligned horizontally on the Left or Right or centered by choosing Center Horizontal. Annotations can be aligned vertically at the Top or Bottom or centered by choosing Center Vertical. You can also space them equally by choosing Space Equally Horizontally or Space Equally Vertically. Aligning moves annotations as chosen, but does not change them in size.

Edit Style Properties of Annotations

To edit annotation styles (i.e. color, line width), choose Edit Edit Properties. Now, edit the properties, depending on the types of selected annotations. Only those properties with a selected check box on the left will get applied.

Copying and Pasting

To copy a selection and insert it in another place, choose Edit Copy and Edit Paste. Depending on the type of annotation, it may be possible to insert the selection into another application as well.

Depending on what is on the clipboard, the contents, such as text or images, taken from other applications, may also be pasted into PDF Annotator.

Rotating Annotations

To rotate a selection, click Edit Selection Rotate. You can now enter Angle and Direction.

Flipping Annotations

To flip a selection, click Edit Selection Flip horizontally/vertically.

Duplicating Annotations

To place one or multiple annotations on all pages of a document, select the annotation(s) on the current page, then choose Edit Selection Duplicate to All Pages.

Similarly, you can copy the selection to only the next page by choosing Edit Selection Duplicate to Next Page.

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