Reading Annotated Documents in Other Applications

Annotations created in PDF Annotator can be read in any other PDF application, such as Adobe® Reader.

Opening Documents Edited with PDF Annotator in Other Applications

You can designate an application that can be used to load the document currently being edited in PDF Annotator using the Extras Open with command. Under Extras Settings Integration Open with turn on the Application associated with .PDF extension option in order to use the default PDF application. This option only makes sense if PDF Annotator itself has not been defined as the Default PDF Application. Use the Define application option to define another application and enter the path to that application. PDF Annotator will pass the path to the file being opened as the first command line parameter to the defined application.

Hiding Annotations in Other PDF Applications

PDF Annotator saves annotations in its own layer named "PDF Annotator." It may be possible to turn this layer on or off in other applications - for example, in order to print the document with or without annotations. For more information, look for the keyword "layer" in your PDF application.

Sending PDF Documents by Email

Choose File Send Mail to open your default email application and attach the current document. Your email program must support MAPI and be appropriately configured.

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