The polygon tool allows you to draw open or closed polygons.

Drawing Open or Closed Polygons

Choose Tool Polygon to enable the polygon tool.

Click at least three points to draw a polygon.

Click the start point or right click and select Close Polygon and Accept to create a closed polygon with connected start and end points. Or click Accept to create an open polygon. Or click Discard (or press Esc) to cancel.

Color and Line Width

Under Tool Tool Styles , you can set the Color and Line Width for both tools. You can select from the preset colors and widths, or define an exact color and specify the width in millimeters or inches.

Line Style

Under Tool Tool Styles , you can set the Line Style for both tools. You can select from a variety of solid, dashed and dotted line types.

Background Color

Under Tool Tool Styles you can also designate the Background Color for the ellipse or rectangle. You can also select Transparent. Set the Opacity level to create semi transparent objects.

Automatically Connect Lines

Would you like to draw a set of exactly connected forms? Activate the Tool Tool Styles Connect Lines setting, and the points you select will automatically be snapped to other corner points nearby.

Snap to 15°

The Snap function is especially useful to draw vertical and horizontal lines or arrows. You enable this function by choosing Tool Tool Styles Snap to 15°.

Snap can also be activated temporarily by keeping the Shift key pressed while drawing.

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