Copy and Paste Pages

Copy and paste pages in the Sidebar. Also find these features on the Edit menu.

These functions are not available if the document's security settings do not permit document composition.

Copying Pages

Select one or more pages; then choose Page Copy Page from the menu. Or choose Page Cut Page if you wish to remove the page from its original document or position after pasting it somewhere else.

Pasting Pages

Select a different page in the same document, or a page in a different document (which has to be opened in the same PDF Annotator window, but in a different document tab). Choose Page Insert Copied Page to insert the page(s) above the selected page or Page Append Copied Page to append the page(s) below the selected page. If you used the Cut Page command before, the commands to paste the page(s) will be Page Insert Cut Page and Page Append Cut Page respectively.

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