Configuring Toolbars

You can tailor PDF Annotator's toolbars to meet your particular needs.

(Un-)locking Toolbars

To prevent toolbars from being accidentally moved, they are normally locked. If you want to move them, you must first unlock them. You can do this by deactivating the View Toolbars Lock All Toolbars option. Remember to reactivate this option after moving the toolbars.

Resetting Toolbars

After installing updates, you may find that certain menu items are no longer visible if you have made changes to toolbars. If this happens, you can reset all menus and toolbars back to their original settings by choosing View Toolbars Reset All Toolbars.

Customizing Toolbars

You can make tools visible, hide or move others, or build your own toolbars by choosing View Toolbars Customize.

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