PDF Annotator lets you print your PDF documents with the highest possible quality. Of course, PDF Annotator can also print documents created in other PDF applications.

This function is not available if the document's security settings do not allow for printing.

Printing Entire Documents

To print an entire document, choose File Print, and in the Print window, click Pages All. In the Print window, you can also select a printer and the number of copies that you want.

If your printer support duplex printing, use the Print on both sides of paper option for duplex prints, or disable that option if you intentionally want to print on separate pages. When enabling the Print on both sides of paper option, also choose between the Flip on long edge or Flip on short edge options.

Use the Fit to printable area option to reduce the size of the document if a page is too large for the selected print format.

Select the Auto rotate option to automatically rotate pages in landscape format into the printer's portrait format.

Use the Hide annotations option to create a print-out of the original document, without your annotations created in PDF Annotator.

If your printer does not reproduce the document correctly, turn on the Print as Image option. This will cause the document to be formatted to print as an image, which normally takes longer and uses more memory. Be sure to use this option only if it is really necessary.

Most printing problems are the result of obsolete printer drivers and can usually be taken care of by installing a newer printer driver. You can usually find the latest printer drivers on the printer manufacturer's website.
To skip the Print dialog, and print immediately using your latest print settings, press Ctrl+Shift+P or keep the Ctrl and Shift keys pressed while clicking Print.

Printing Page Ranges (from/to)

To print a specific range of pages, use File Print, and in the Print window, choose Pages Pages, and enter the page numbers. Please be aware that a PDF document's page numbers may not begin with 1. For example, if a document's page numbers begin with i, ii and iii, followed by pages 1-20, and you want to print pages i-iii and 1-5, enter the print range as i to 5.

Printing Individual Pages

To print individual pages, select the desired page or pages in the Sidebar's preview window; then choose File Print and in the Print window, click Pages Selected Page(s).

Using this method, you can also select only pages with annotations, or without annotations, by specifying one of those options using the Select feature in Page Management.

Printing the Current View

To print exactly that part of a page, which is currently being displayed, use File Print, and in the Print window, choose Pages Current view.