Settings: Tools, Extract Text

After selecting text from the original PDF document, and right clicking the selection, the Extract Text context menu appears to perform various tasks with the selected text. You can define your own commands to appear in the context menu.

Extract Text Commands

These commands appear in the context menu that appears after right clicking text selected with the Extract Text tool.

You can edit Caption, Command and Parameters for each command.

The Caption will appear in the context menu.

The Command will execute when you click the entry in the Extract Text context menu. A command can either be a URL starting with http:// or https://, or a path to a locally installed program. If command is a program path, Parameters will be added to the command line when calling that program.

Managing Commands

To add a new command, click the Plus symbol and enter Caption and Command. To remove a command, select the command and click the Minus symbol. To re-order commands, select a command and click the Up or Down button.

Examples and Syntax

These commands usually come predefined with PDF Annotator.




&Search (Google)

&Translate (Google)





The ampersand (&) symbol can be set in front of any character in the Caption to make this character a keyboard shortcut, which will be available when the Extract Text context menu is open.

Command and Parameters may include a number of placeholders, which will be replaced automatically when executing the command. Possible placeholders are:




Extracted text


File name of a temporary that contains the extracted text


Current language used by PDF Annotator (EN, DE or FR)


Current language used by Windows


Page number


Absolute page number


Document file name without path

(Example: Document.pdf)


Document file path without file name

(Example: C:\Path)


Document file path with file name

(Example: C:\Path\Document.pdf)

Show commands menu immediately

Instead of right clicking selected text to invoke the context menu, you can enable the Show commands menu immediately after selecting text option.

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