Document Properties and Security Settings

PDF documents may contain additional meta information, like authorship or keyword information and security settings.

Accessing Document Properties

To access and review document properties, choose File Document Properties.

On the General tab, you will find this editable meta information about the PDF document: Title, Author, Subject and Keywords. Additionally, you will find the document's creation date (Created), and the date of the last modification (Modified).

More PDF Properties can be retrieved: the PDF standard, the document complies to (PDF Version), the tool which was used to create the document (PDF created with, Application), and file information like Location, File Size, Pages count and Page Format.

Additional file properties can be accessed by clicking the Properties button, which will open the regular Windows Explorer file properties dialog.

Accessing Security Settings

To access and review a PDF document's security settings, choose File Document Properties and click the Security tab.

You will find information about all Document Security and encryption settings, as well as Document Restrictions that were chosen by the document's original author. Please refer to Password Protecting PDF Documents to learn more about modifying these options.

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