Settings: Preferences, Quick Start

Reduce the wait time while PDF Annotator starts. This option keeps the application open by minimizing it to the Windows system tray when the program window gets closed.

Quick Start

To reduce the wait time while PDF Annotator starts, select Extras Settings Preferences Quick Start and check the Enable Quick Start option.

To accelerate the first PDF Annotator start as well, also enable the Automatically start PDF Annotator with Windows option.

With Quick Start enabled, when you close the PDF Annotator window, the application will not be shut down completely, but minimized to an icon in the Windows system tray. Click the tray icon to restore the PDF Annotator window. To completely shut down PDF Annotator, right click the tray icon and select Exit or hold down the Ctrl key while closing the program window.

With Quick Start enabled, you cannot open a second PDF Annotator window to work on multiple documents side by side, as the attempt to start a second instance will only bring up the first one. Use Window New Window on the PDF Annotator menu instead.