PDF documents may contain file attachments. These attachments can be other PDF documents, or any kind of file, like image files, word processing documents or calculation sheets.

Viewing Attachments

To see the attachments in the current document, open the Sidebar, and click Attachments on the left edge of the window. Alternatively, you can choose View Sidebar Attachments on the menu. When you scroll horizontally within the list view, you will see additional information for each attachment, like the last modification date or the file size.

Opening Attachments

Double click the attachment in the list view to open the attachment. Or click the attachment and click the Open Attachment button on top of the list.

A PDF attachment will be opened in a new tab in PDF Annotator. Other file types will be opened with the default application set for these file types, for example, a Word document would open in Word. A security confirmation may appear when you attempt to open an attachment with its external default application.

When you open attachments, PDF Annotator will create temporary copies of these attachments on your computer. Do not modify these copies without saving them to a different location first. Otherwise, your changes in those files will be lost after closing them. Changes will not read back into your PDF document. To modify the content of an attachment, save the attachment as described below, edit it, and add it back as a new attachment, then delete the original attachment.

Saving Attachments

Select the attachment that you want to save or export in the Sidebar and click the Save Attachment to File button. Select a destination. A copy of the attachment will be exported to that destination. The saved copy will not be related to the attachment any more. Changes on the saved copy will not affect the attached copy within your PDF document.

Adding Attachments

To add an attachment, click the Add File as Attachment button and select any kind of file you wish to attach. A copy of this file will now be imported into the PDF document as an attachment. Once imported, changes on the original file you added will not affect the attached copy of the file within your PDF document.

Deleting Attachments

Select the attachment that you want to delete in the Sidebar and click the Delete Attachment button.

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