Creating New Documents - PDF Annotator Manual

Creating New Documents

You can use PDF Annotator not only to edit existing documents, but also to create new documents from scratch. Just start with a blank document and add pages as you wish. In this way, you can use PDF Annotator for quick notes or sketches, or add pictures and optionally comments.

Creating New Documents

To create a new document, choose File New Document and select the desired size, style and orientation. By entering a number of pages, you can create a document with multiple pages.

You may choose between multiple page styles, like squared or lined paper, depending on the Measures setting. Contrary to Auxiliary Lines, these squares and lines will become part of the PDF document once saved, and will be visible in any PDF viewer, or when printed.
PDF Annotator will remember your choice for the page style for this document, and set the same page style when adding pages.

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