Working with Templates

Think about templates like stationary for PDF. Use templates for new documents and additional pages.

Creating Templates

Open any PDF document and navigate to the page you want to use as a template. Choose File Save as Template and enter a name for the template.

Template names must not contain these characters: \/:*?"<>|
Only single pages can be used as templates. If the document you chose has multiple pages, only the current page will be saved as a template.

Creating New Documents Based on Templates

To create a new document, choose File New Document and click the Template tab. Select the desired Template. By entering a number of Pages, you can create a document with multiple pages, all using the same template.

Adding Pages

When adding additional pages to a document that was created using a template, PDF Annotator will automatically default to the same template.

Templates are also available to add pages to documents that have not been created based on a template.

Managing Templates

Choose File New Document and click the Template tab.

Select a template and click Delete to remove it permanently or Rename to rename it.

Click Add to select any single page PDF document and create a template based on it.

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