Selecting Pages

Select one or more pages in order to perform the desired functions only for the selected pages. These functions can be quickly accessed through the Sidebar. They are also accessible through the Edit menu.

Selecting Individual Pages

To select individual pages, click the square in the upper left corner of each page's thumbnail view. A check mark will show you if a page has been selected. You can also use the keyboard to select several pages by holding down the Ctrl key, or use the Shift key to select a series of consecutive pages.

Choose Page Select Reverse Selection to invert your manual selection.

Alternatively, choose Page Select Range to enter a page number, a range of pages (e.g. 2-5), or multiple page numbers or ranges separated by commas (e.g. 2-5,7,10-11).

Selecting All Pages

Choose Page Select All Pages.

Selecting All Pages With/Without Annotations

Choose Page Select All Pages with Annotations (Please note that pages with merged annotations are not recognized here) or Page Select All Pages without Annotations.

After selecting all pages with annotations, you can print just these pages. To do this, use the Print window and click Selected Page(s).
After selecting all pages without annotations, you can also delete these and thus save only the annotated pages as a new document.

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