Capturing Photos from a Camera

If you own a web cam, a document camera, or if your tablet has a built-in camera, you can capture photos from these cameras and insert them into a PDF document right away.

Capturing Photos

Choose Edit Insert Image From [Name of Your Camera] to select a camera.

You will see a live preview of what the camera sees. Select a different Camera Mode if you want to take a picture in a different resolution or mode.

Click the Take Picture button or press ENTER or the SPACE bar to take a photo.

This will take a photo and open it in the Image Editor, where you can either modify the photo before adding it to your document, or accept the photo right away by clicking OK. Click the Camera button in the Image Editor if you don't like the photo and want to try again.

After inserting an image, you can change its position or its size by dragging one of the corners.

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