Adding Page Numbers

If a document misses page numbers, you can add them using PDF Annotator. After adding or deleting pages, or after moving pages, those page numbers will automatically be updated.

Adding Page Numbers

Select Edit Document Page Numbers to open the Page Numbers dialog.

If you simply want to number all pages in your document, click OK and the page numbers will automatically be added to the bottom of each page, horizontally centered. The numbering scheme will be 1, 2, 3,...

If you prefer a different numbering scheme, select the Format before you close the dialog. You can choose between the formats "1, 2, 3,...", "-1-, -2-, -3-,...", "i, ii, iii,...", "Page 1, Page 2, Page 3,...", "1/1", "Page 1 of 1" and similar.

If you want to skip some numbers, set a different Start Value. Example: When you set a Start Value of 5, the first page in your document will be numbered as 5, the second page will be numbered as 6 and so on.

To make the selected settings the default for this functionality, click the Settings button on the bottom of the Page Numbers dialog and select Set as Default. Selecting Reset Defaults will get back the factory settings for page numbering.

Formatting Page Numbers

Customize the appearance of your page numbers. Under Appearance, select the Font, Size, Style and Color you prefer.

You can choose where you want the page numbers to appear. Under Position, choose the Horizontal position measured from the Left or Right side of each page, or check Center to horizontally center all page numbers. Choose the Vertical position measured from the Top or Bottom. Instead of entering values, you can also move the page number in the red circle in the preview area on the right.

Working with Page Ranges

If you need to number different portions of your document with different numbering schemes, you can do so by adding Ranges. Example: You want the first four pages in your document to be numbered from -i- to -iv- and pages five and upward starting from 1. To do so, select the default Range 1 tab on the top. Enter From 1 and To 4 for the first four pages of your document. Select the "-i-, -ii-, -iii-,..." Format. Now, click the Plus tab on the top. The tab will turn into a Range 2 tab. Enter From 5 and keep the default for all other fields to have this range covering all pages starting from page five and to use the default numbering scheme "1, 2, 3,...".

Removing Page Numbers

Select Edit Document Page Numbers to open the Page Numbers dialog. Click the Delete button on the bottom left of the dialog to remove all page numbers added in PDF Annotator. Only page numbers that were added by PDF Annotator can be removed by PDF Annotator.