Page Layout

PDF Annotator facilitates your work by offering a variety of page layouts.

One Page or Two Pages

The document shows consistently displays either one page or two pages. When displaying two pages, View Page Layout, you can select if you wish to see a Separate Cover Page (even pages on the left, odd pages on the right).

Whole Page or Continuous

Whole Page always shows either one or two entire pages in their entirety. Paging changes the view to the next whole page(s).

In Continuous layout, on the other hand, pages flow continuously from one to the next, making it possible to see the end of one page and the beginning of the next at the same time.

Page Layouts

The above-mentioned possibilities form four different layout combinations, which can be selected from the lower right corner of the main window, or from the menu under View Page Layout: One Page, One Page - Continuous, Two Pages - Continuous, Two Pages.

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