Command Line Arguments

Command line arguments allow some of PDF Annotator's functions to be executed when the application starts, without any interaction on the user's part. This lets you execute these functions directly from the desktop instead of having to navigate through the menus.


PDFAnnotator.exe [[<File>] [/print] | [/new[:"<format>[ Landscape]"]]] /fullscreen 

The argument: <File>

will open the file indicated by <File>. If the file name contains spaces, the path must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Example: PDFAnnotator.exe "C:\My Documents\Test.pdf"

The argument: /print

will print the document specified by the <File> argument.

The argument: /new

will open a new document window and prompt for the page size and orientation to be entered.

The argument /new:"<format>[ Landscape]"

will open a new document in the indicated orientation. Possible values are: A0-A10, B0-B10, ISOB0-ISOB10, C0-C7, DL, Letter, Legal, Statement, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, Folio.

Landscape can optionally be used to indicate landscape orientation.

The argument: /fullscreen

will start PDF Annotator in Full Screen Mode.