Page Navigation

The page navigation functions are located in the center of the lower window border, or on the menu under View Go to.

Jumping to a Specific Page

To jump to a specific page, enter its number in the page number field in the status bar on the bottom of the window, or into the input field on the View Go to Page menu and confirm by pressing the ENTER key.

You can also use the First Page, Previous Page, Next Page and Last Page functions.

Jumping to Pages with Annotations

Choose View Go to Previous Page with Annotations or View Go to Next Page with Annotations in order to jump to the previous or next page that contains comments. This lets you bypass any unmodified pages. Note that pages with merged annotations are not included.

Page History

PDF Annotator remembers the most recently viewed pages, so that you can use the Previous Page in History and Next Page in History functions to page back and forth.

Links and Anchors in PDF Documents

PDF documents can contain links that let you allow jumping to targets within the document, or outside of the document. The mouse pointer turns into a hand when positioned over these links. Clicking on these points will bring you to the target of the link. In the case of an external link, PDF Annotator opens a new window. However, links can also contain other functions, such as JavaScript that are not recognized by PDF Annotator.

You cannot use the pen, marker or other tools directly over a link because clicking in those places would activate the link. Keep the Ctrl key depressed to prevent this.


To provide additional help, you can Jump to Bookmarks and use Create Own Bookmarks to create your own.

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