Creating PDF Documents from Other Applications

Using the "Print to PDF Annotator" printer, you can create PDF documents from any kind of application, and immediately annotate them in PDF Annotator.

Print to PDF Annotator

You can use any kind of application to send documents to the Print to PDF Annotator printer using the applications' built in Print commands. For example, open a document in your favorite word processing application. In your word processing application, select the Print command. Now select the Print to PDF Annotator printer, which is a virtual printer installed with PDF Annotator, and finish the print process. PDF Annotator will generate a PDF document from whatever you printed. PDF Annotator will open automatically and display the newly generated document. You can now start Editing and Commenting the Document. When done, save the resulting document as PDF.

The Print to PDF Annotator feature is not available on devices running on ARM processors (Windows on ARM).

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