The Stamp tool lets you repeatedly apply frequently used symbols to the document. Stamps may contain not only images, but also previously saved handwritten characters or remarks, textual comments and even combinations of various types of annotations. You can build a library of frequently used symbols or fragments, and reuse them as much as you like.

Using Stamps

Choose Tool Stamp to activate the last used stamp, or select a stamp from the list. The cursor then turns into an insertion mark with a stamp symbol. The insertion mark shows where the upper left corner of the stamp will be. Just click anywhere in the document, and the stamp will be placed there. After it is inserted, you can immediately move the object or resize it.

Saving Selections as Stamps

In order to turn any annotation into a stamp, select one or more annotations; then choose Edit Selection Save selection as stamp.

Creating Stamps from Image Files

Stamps can also be created from any image file. In the Stamps Toolbox, click Add then Configure Tool, go to Create stamp from and click the Image button.

Stamping all Pages

To stamp all pages in a document at once, place your stamp on one page, then choose Edit Selection Duplicate to All Pages.

Similarly, you can copy the stamp to only the next page by choosing Edit Selection Duplicate to Next Page.

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