Inserting Formulas

PDF Annotator contains a LaTeX (see based formula editor to insert math or other scientific formulas into PDF documents.

Creating Formulas with the Formula Editor

Choose Tools Formula to insert a scientific formula into a PDF document.

Click the position in the current PDF document, where you want to place a formula. This opens the Edit Formula window with the Formula Editor.

For simple formulas, like x = 2ab, just start typing into the Formula Editor on the Formula tab. For more complex formulas, select expressions from the Expression lists. Double click a list entry to insert it into the Formula Editor below. Select an insert position by clicking a place holder, or any position (e.g. before or behind an existing expression), in the editor.

In the Editor, complete your formula by clicking the place holders or entering letters or numbers. Insert more Expressions into place holders or at the current insert position. Also, select from a range of symbols from the Symbols lists. Double click a list entry to insert it into the Formula Editor below.

Finally, press OK to insert the formula into your document.

After inserting the formula, you can move the formula to its final position. Double click the formula to reopen the formula in the Edit Formula window. Alternatively, right click the formula and select Edit Formula.

Copy and Paste in the Formula Editor

Select expressions or parts of expressions with the mouse and press Copy and Paste to duplicate, or Cut and Paste to move the selection.

Use the command buttons Cut, Copy and Paste on the right of the editor. You will also find buttons to Delete, for Undo and Redo.

The common keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+X (Cut), Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste) are also available. Use the Del and BackSpace keys to delete parts of expressions or the whole formula.

If nothing has been selected in the editor, the Cut, Copy and Delete commands will be applied on the whole formula.

Using the clipboard, you can exchange formulas and partial formulas with other LaTeX supporting applications.

Entering or Editing Formulas using LaTeX

In the Edit Formula window, select the LaTeX tab to see and edit the LaTeX source command for the current formula. PDF Annotator supports a wide range of LaTeX commands, but of course not everything that exists. Check the Preview above the editor for the rendered LaTeX command.

The LaTeX feature addresses experienced LaTeX users. Please understand, that we cannot provide support for questions around how to use LaTeX.

Colors and Font Sizes

Select Tool Tool Styles to choose Color, Font Size, Fill Color and Opacity for the Formula tool.

With the Edit Formula window, click the Style tab to edit these settings.

Set Fill Color to Transparent for no background. Select an Opacity to create translucent backgrounds.

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