Adding and Deleting Pages

Add and delete pages in the Sidebar. Also find these features on the Edit menu.

These functions are not available if the document's security settings do not permit document composition.

Adding Pages

Select the page in the current document before or after which you want to add a page; then choose Page Insert Page or Page Append Page from the menu. Select the desired Style, Orientation and Size. By entering a number of Pages, you can add or insert multiple pages at once.

To create the new pages based on a document template, click the Template tab and select a template.

By adding empty pages, you can reserve more room for your comments and remarks.
To add pages with special content, use the Insert Document functions.

Deleting Pages

Select one or more pages and then Page Delete Page from the menu.

By selecting all pages without annotations and then deleting these pages, you can create a document consisting only of the pages that you have annotated.

Cloning Pages

Select one or more pages and then Page Clone Page. You will then be able to reposition the new copy anywhere in the document.

This function can be useful if you want to add comments to a page, while keeping the original version of the page in view. Use Two Page Layout to see both pages at the same time.

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