Settings: Preferences, Shortcuts

Define your own keyboard shortcuts in addition to the default Keyboard Shortcuts.

Finding Commands and Existing Shortcuts

Select Extras Settings Preferences Shortcuts and scroll down the list of commands, which is grouped by topics to find the command you want to change the keyboard shortcut for. If a shortcut has already been assigned to the command, it will be displayed in the Shortcut column. If the shortcut is not the default shortcut, but a custom defined shortcut, it will be highlighted in bold letters.

Editing a Shortcut

To edit a shortcut, press the Open Shortcut Editor button in the Shortcut column. Press the key combination or special key you want to assign. Click OK.

There's a chance that the shortcut you entered has already been assigned to one or more different commands. In that case, you will be notified and will have the option to either use the duplicate shortcut as selected, to remove the same shortcut from all other commands, or to cancel. Usually, it will be a bad idea to have the same shortcut in place for different commands. But there can be situations where this makes sense, like when both commands can typically not be available at the same time. If in doubt, cancel your choice and select a different shortcut.

Restoring Default Shortcuts

You can always restore the default shortcut for any command by pressing the Reset button in the Shortcut Editor. Alternatively, you can reset all shortcuts at once by pressing Reset all.

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