Inserting Documents

Insert documents in the Sidebar. Also find these features on the Edit menu.

This feature will not be available if the original document was created with the security setting that allows document composition set off.

Inserting Documents

Existing documents can also be inserted in the current document, or appended to it. To insert a document, select the page following which you want to insert the document and choose Document Insert Document. To append a document to the end of the current document, choose Document Append Document.

Select a single file or multiple files. If you had more than one PDF document open in PDF Annotator, you will find the option to select any (or all) of those documents using the Opened in PDF Annotator option. If you selected multiple documents, arrange their order using the Up and Down buttons before pressing OK.

You can use this function to combine several documents into one document, but there's also a dedicated Combine Files feature available.

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