Full Screen Mode

This article was based on an older version of PDF Annotator. In the current PDF Annotator version, the functionality described below may look and behave differently. We will update this article as soon as possible.

PDF Annotator Full Screen Mode with fly-out toolbars PDF Annotator's full screen mode is an excellent way to display your presentation to an audience, from a small conference room meeting to an auditorium presentation full of people. Full screen mode gives you a clean, easy to navigate presentation screen, and yet still enables access to important annotation and markup tools.

Opening Full Screen Mode

Open your PDF presentation in PDF Annotator. To get to full screen mode, you have three options, as shown in the screen shot. You can choose Full Screen from the drop down menu under View, you can click the Full Screen button on the toolbar or you can use the keyboard combination CTRL + L. (Using the keyboard combination while in full screen mode will return you to the normal view, as well as the ESC key does).

Open Full Screen Mode in PDF Annotator

Using Full Screen Mode

Notice the tabs on the left side of the screen. These are fly-out toolbars for exiting full screen mode, file and editing tasks, tools, favorite tools and navigation. Moving your cursor over them causes them to fly out where you can access them. They close automatically when done. If you click the pushpin in the top right corner, the toolbar stays visible. Clicking the icon next to it undocks the toolbar, allowing you to move it anywhere on the page. This is helpful for tool bars that you use frequently, such as the Tool/Tool Properties bar.

Using the fly out menus in Full Screen mode

Adjusting the Layout and View

If your full screen mode does not look right, you can adjust it before opening full screen or on the fly by using the green Zoom/Navigate toolbar. By default, PDF Annotator installs with Continuous Page Layout selected. The top of the next page shows as you scroll down. Changing the page layout to One Page shows only one page at a time. In Normal view, choose the one page option by clicking on View, scrolling down to Page Layout and over to One Page.

Setting Page Layout to One Page

If you are already in full screen mode, open the green Zoom/Navigate toolbar and click on the Display One Page button. The keyboard combination CTRL + 1 works in either mode. Additionally, you can change the view to fit the page size, page width or by a percentage.

Setting Page Layout in Full Screen mode