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Technical Problems

PDF Annotator starts in wrong language

The situation:

After installing an update, PDF Annotator either...

  • displays a "Failed to initialize user language" message, or
  • starts up in the wrong language, or
  • starts up in a mix of English and German.

The language setting under "Extras, Settings, Preferences, Language" (or "Extras, Settings, Voreinstellungen, Sprache") is unavailable (greyed out).

The solution:

A typical cause for this could be that your antivirus software has blocked access to, or quarantined parts of the PDF Annotator application.

Please follow these steps to reinstall PDF Annotator:

  • Uninstall PDF Annotator.
  • Re-download the latest PDF Annotator version from our Download page.
  • Re-install by running the setup. Keep an eye on your antivirus software to see if it reports anything.