How to backup your settings and tools

A backup can prevent you from losing your PDF Annotator settings and preferences

PDF Annotator can help you to back up all the settings and tools defined in your existing installation. Even stamps and custom tools you created in PDF Annotator will be backed up.

Export all your PDF Annotator settings

First, start PDF Annotator and click Extras, Settings.

PDF Annotator Settings

In the Settings window, scroll down the list on the left until you see the Export/Import option and click it.

Now, press the Export Settings... button.

PDF Annotator Export Settings

Your settings will all be saved into a single file named PASettings.PAZ.

Select a location to save this file, this file is your PDF Annotator settings backup!

Select location for settings export

That's it! Keep your backup file in a safe location and/or copy it to a remote backup location. Remember to make additional backups from time to time.

Now, you can always restore your PDF Annotator settings from this backup file.