How to restore your settings from a backup

Did you export your PDF Annotator settings? Learn how to restore your configuration.

Warning: Restoring your PDF Annotator settings from a previous export or backup will override all your PDF Annotator settings, tools and stamps!

Import your settings

Start PDF Annotator and click Extras, Settings.

PDF Annotator Settings

Scroll down the list on the left until you see the Export/Import option and click it.

Press the Import Settings... button.

PDF Annotator Import Settings

Locate your PASettings.PAZ file, which contains your backed up settings and tools.

Press Open to start the import process.

Select location for settings import

Confirm that you want to override all your local settings with the settings from the PASettings.PAZ file.

Confirm to override all settings

After clicking OK, PDF Annotator will restart itself. If you had multiple PDF Annotator windows open, make sure to close them manually.

Settings import complete

After PDF Annotator has restarted itself, you will receive a final notice that the settings import has been successful.

Settings import succeeded

That's it! PDF Annotator's settings and tools have now been reset to the state you previously backed up.