Write on PDF - On Your Microsoft Surface™

Write on PDF - On Your Microsoft Surface™

Annotate any PDF - right on your Microsoft Surface™ or Surface Pro™

  • This is what the Surface Pen has been invented for:
    Write your notes directly on PDF!
  • Add comments, corrections, signatures, highlighting, even photos or drawings.
  • Organize documents: Add, remove or rearrange pages. Merge documents.
  • Everything stays PDF. Email the PDF to your peers - we guarantee that they can read your comments in any PDF viewer.

Download a free trial of PDF Annotator today and start getting the most out of your Microsoft Surface™ Tablet PC.

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17 years
320,000+ users
4 awards
149 countries
I just wanted to say this product is spectacular.
It changes a tablet from a very cool, useful product to a must have device.
Sean Gailmard Assistant Professor UC Berkeley
Love the program. Extremely easy to use and does a great job.
Great software
We really like the program and use it every day all of us.
Love the product.
It's nice and easy to use software. Thanks.
Nobody has cared or commented that I never touched physical paper. It's saved me hours of effort and frustration. Thank you for making your product!
It's a wonderful product.
I have bought Pdf Annotator recently. I think it is a great program. Finally I can annotate other's pdf files!
Fantastic teaching device - always facing students and no need to turn my back on class anymore.
Please keep up the good work!
Well done on a great product!! (I should have discovered this software YEARS ago!!!
So far, I have been mostly doing with Annotator what I used to do with Acrobat. Your software is much less clunky than Adobe's with more useful editing tools, especially for graphic work.
I looooove PDF Annotator
PDF annotator is my main tool for editing, and I think it is great.
Saves me a lot of time not having to print, sign, and scan business documents that require my signature. I can work remote from printers/scanners.
Love it!!
At conferences, we present Annotator as THE solution for replacing the blackboard, whether online or not.
Thank you for a well supported and fantastic piece of software.
Great application used each day.
Fantastic program. Always works well. Allows me to think about what I'm reading and what I want to write, without worrying about appearances.
Thanks for your efforts. I found Annotator a useful tool in my work.
You make a very good job.
This is a must for students in professional programs like law, medicine, pharmacy, etc.
I'm a math teacher and use this for my online classes. It's amazingly helpful to students for me to be able to pinpoint where they started to go wrong. Thanks for your awesomely goo product!
Very fine product
Pdf annotator is a brilliant productivity tool . Thanks.
Very pleased with programme I searched for about 2 years to find something suitable. This programme gives me an edge in my business.
Very useful application, fun too!
Using for less than a month and I can't believe how helpful it has been so far. Looking forward to finding more uses in the field of construction.
I've been a happy customer for over 4 years. Thank you
Your product is excellent.
It is an amazing product. Moreover, you included all the features I requested in the past. You guys rock!
Awesome software, keep up the great work!
Thanks, this is really useful software!
Use it all the time and love it. Thank you!
Love it
I have Acrobat 11 pro and Bluebeam Revu along with some Nuance and other PDF products. Annotator is one of the reasons I have different PDF programs. Annotator does its job very well and doesn't try to be all things-to all documents.
A great tool for annotation, for affordable cost.

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