Screen Shots

Comment and Markup

Annotations can be added using the pen in almost any color and different pen widths. Simply write your comments directly into the document!


PDF Annotator's intelligent logic recognizes attempts to draw straight lines, and turns them into perfectly straight lines. Especially useful for underlining, striking out, or emphasizing text manually.

Full Screen Mode

Use PDF Annotator in full screen mode for your presentations to be able to mark up and complete your slides or worksheets live on the screen.

Fly-in Toolbars

Make use of the unique fly-in toolbars in full screen mode, which don't occupy much space, but are available at any time.

Page Layout Modes

Select between single page and two pages, whole page and continuous view.

Tool Configuration

Freely configure the tools in your toolbox. Create the tools you need without restriction.

Text Tool Options

All tools support various style properties, like different colors, borders, fonts and widths.


Re-use symbols, drawings, images or text boxes and use them as stamps.

Page Management

Insert, clone, delete or reorder pages or even insert or append complete documents so you can merge multiple documents into a single one.

Page Preview

Quick expandable thumbnail view with multi-select support for all page operations.

Rotate Pages

Permanently rotate single page or the entire document.


Quickly jump to bookmarks within the document. Create your own bookmarks and edit existing ones.