PDF Annotator 9 is here!

For Immediate Release

Contact: Oliver Grahl, +49 871 966 58 13, info AT GRAHL-software.com

GRAHL software design announces the immediate availability of PDF Annotator 9, a major step forward with numerous improvements and new features:

Color Modes - “Dark Mode”

Choose between the usual bright color mode or the new dark color mode.

Color mode affects the appearance of the application user interface. Your PDF documents will always display identically - as printed on white paper.

Accent Color

  • Choose between the usual “red” accent color or the new “blue” accent color.
  • For users with red green deficiency we recommend using the accent color “blue”.

The accent color will be used in several places throughout the user interface, for example for tool symbols or for marking the currently selected page.

”Area Dimensioning” Tool

You can now also dimension areas.

Area dimensions are annotations that become part of the PDF document (cf. “Measure”).

  • Areas get marked up semitransparently.
  • Text can be edited manually.
  • Select a predefined or custom scale.
  • Turn display of dimension unit on and off.

“Connect Lines” Feature

... to snap corner points to existing annotations.

This feature is now available for lines, arrows, polygons, distance and area measures.

Also, the corner points of polygons and points on ellipses/circles get identified as snap targets.

Create dimensional chains using the distance dimension tool and “Connect Lines”.

Individual Text Formatting

You can now format parts of text annotations individually.

For example, you can format individual words bold or in italics, underline or strike out phrases.

Use different font types, -colors and -sizes within the same text annotation.

Individual Paragraph Formatting

You can now set separate alignment options for paragraphs within the same text annotation:

  • left aligned
  • centered
  • right aligned

Superscript and Subscript Text

You can now apply these new text styles to letters, numbers or text phrases:

  • superscript
  • subscript

“Polygon” Tool

Use the new Polygon tool to draw

  • closed polygons
  • polylines

with the support of the popular

  • “Connect Lines” and
  • “Snap to 15° Angles” features.

Open and Closed Polygons

  • Polygons: Close a polygon by clicking the starting point or by choosing “Close Polygon and Accept”.
  • Polylines: Finish an open polygon by choosing “Accept”.

Moving Corner Points

Easily move corner points to modify a selected

  • area dimension or
  • polygon.

”Formula” Tool

Create and edit complex scientific formulas using our brand-new formula editor.

Make use of a wide selection of

  • predefined expressions and
  • common symbols.

”LaTex” Formula Editor

As an experienced LaTeX user, you may edit the underlying LaTex commands directly to edit a formula.

Share and exchange formulas using copy and paste from/to other LaTeX supporting editors.

“Black Screen” for Presentations

In Full Screen Mode, you can now temporarily turn the display completely black to ensure your audience’s full attention.

Use the Full Screen Mode action button, or press Alt+B.

Press any key, or click/tap with mouse, pen or finger to end the blackout.

Improved Color Selection

All color pickers (e.g. for selecting the pen color) have been revised and now contain

  • a palette of common colors,
  • an additional palette for saving and reusing your own colors (“My Colors”).

Enter/Copy RGB or HTML Color Values

Expand the color picker window for an enhanced color picker with the ability to enter colors as RGB or HTML values (e.g. “#FF0000” for red).

Here you can also copy or paste color values.

Extract Colors with the Pipette

Use the “Pipette” tool in the expanded color picker window to extract colors

  • from the currently visible part of the document, or
  • from any point on the current monitor.

And more...

“Autostart Search” setting

  • You can now disable the automatic start of the text search while entering a search phrase.

Duplicate Selection to Next Page

  • Like the existing “Duplicate to All Pages” feature, you can now as well duplicate a selection only to the next page.

PDF Annotator 9: Free 30-day trial available

PDF Annotator (74.9 MB) is available for Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. A free 30-day trial can be downloaded from www.PDFAnnotator.com. Retail price is 69.95 USD. Special terms are available for students, schools and universities. Significant discounts also apply to multiple-use licenses.

Homepage: www.PDFAnnotator.com
Screenshots: www.PDFAnnotator.com/en/screenshots
New features: www.PDFAnnotator.com/en/whatsnew
Download: www.PDFAnnotator.com/en/download

For more information, contact GRAHL software design, Seligenthaler Str. 54, 84034 Landshut, Germany. Email: info AT GRAHL-software.com Internet: www.GRAHL-software.com Phone: +49 871 966 58 13 Fax: +49 871 966 58 18.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

More about GRAHL software design

The firm of GRAHL software design has been serving customers since 1996. The team surrounding engineer Oliver Grahl is concentrated on PDFs and software for tablet PCs. The firm's best known product for editing PDF files, PDF Annotator®, was given a boost through Microsoft's tablet PC contest "Does Your Application Think in Ink?" which awarded it a prize in 2004. More awards and uniformly positive evaluations from customers and the technical press have followed. Today, PC Annotator is being used by several hundred thousands of persons around the world. Further information can be found at: www.PDFAnnotator.com/en/aboutus.

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