PDF Annotator 6: The PDF Markup Tool for Windows, with New Presentation Mode, Camera Integration and Image Editor!


With PDF Annotator on a PC or tablet, it's any easy matter to edit or annotate an existing PDF document. The new Version 6 now comes with a completely new full-screen mode. It also facilitates capturing of photos so that they can be directly incorporated into a PDF file. The new image editor enables editing of photos as well.

PDF documents are an unavoidable part of everyday computer activity. They allow documents, brochures and other types of media to be easily distributed through the use of a common platform-independent format.

Things only become difficult when it comes to making changes to a file without some very expensive software. PDF Annotator has been filling this gap for years, permitting edits and annotations directly on the document. Today, over 300,000 people are using this product.

PDF Annotator makes it possible to add handwritten comments or substantial amounts of text using the keyboard. Users can create emphasis using the highlighter tool, and add circles or other symbols, or even additional pages.

As Oliver Grahl of GRAHL software design puts it: "Our program simplifies the task of editing and revising PDF documents. In both educational and corporate settings, it allows members of a team to contribute their thoughts and suggestions to a draft without requiring them to be sitting together at the same table."

Of course, all comments can be saved directly to the PDF. What's more, the person receiving the file can also temporarily disable all the changes in order to see what the document originally looked like.

PDF Annotator 6: A new full-screen mode for live presentations!

PDF Annotator's existing full-screen mode has been completely overhauled for Version 6, and has now been recast as the Presentation Mode. Many users have already availed themselves of it on tablets like the Surface Pro to remove all distracting menus from the view and make the entire screen available to display content.

Oliver Grahl: "Many of our customers use PDF Annotator in real time during lectures and presentations to add comments, drawings or arrows to the current slide. The new version was created with them in mind. The new and unique Presentation Mode is low-key and unobtrusive, and can be both configured and deployed with minimal effort."

Version 6 now also offers camera integration. At any time, users can use their webcam or tablet camera to take a picture and immediately add it to the PDF, in order to pinpoint aspects of the photo or to add descriptive comments.

A complementary feature is a new image editor that can crop or enhance pictures and optionally make any scanned stamps or signatures appear transparent.

PDF Annotator 6: Test our new version for 30 days

PDF Annotator Version 6 can be downloaded free of charge from our website for evaluation purposes. The program is priced at US$69.95 per license. Special pricing is available for students, schools and universities. Attractive discounts are also available when multiple licenses are purchased.

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More about GRAHL software design

The firm of GRAHL software design has been serving customers since 1996. The team surrounding engineer Oliver Grahl is concentrated on PDFs and software for tablet PCs. The firm's best known product for editing PDF files, PDF Annotator®, was given a boost through Microsoft's tablet PC contest "Does Your Application Think in Ink?" which awarded it a prize in 2004. More awards and uniformly positive evaluations from customers and the technical press have followed. Today, PC Annotator is being used by several hundred thousands of persons around the world. Further information can be found at: www.PDFAnnotator.com/en/aboutus.

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