PDF Annotator 3 Maintenance Release Available

We have published this important maintenance release last week, which includes a couple of bug fixes and improvements.

As always, we strongly recommend updating to the latest version.

To apply this update, either go to Help, Version Check within the software or manually download and install the latest version from our download page. There is no need to uninstall your existing version prior to installing the update.

This update is free for all Version 3 users. If you're still on an older PDF Annotator version, upgrade now.

Print to PDF Annotator virtual printerThis update also fixes a couple of issues with our "Print to PDF Annotator" printer.

In the past, we have seen some users encountering issues with our PDF printer after applying updates. It either did not appear in their printers list, or did not work correctly afterwards. We're confident that this release will have resolved these issues.

Therefor, after updating our PDF printer, this update will ask you to reboot your computer, and will continue after you log in again. We're sorry about this inconvenience, which will hopefully not be necessary with every future update.

In case you still experience a problem, please let us know and try reinstalling only the "Print to PDF Annotator" printer using our separate printer repair installer.

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