PDF Annotator 3 Maintenance Release Available

A minor maintenance release of PDF Annotator 3 is now available for download. Changes include:

  • New setting to merge Tools and Tool Properties toolbars into a single row, or to hide both
  • New setting to hide Status Bar
  • New setting to hide sidebar in portrait mode (recommended for slate Tablet PCs)
  • New tool property for Select/Lasso tool to maintain aspect ratio of selection when resizing objects. Same property is available for Stamp tool.
  • New tool property for Crop Page tool to select crop region with page's aspect ratio
  • Text annotations support right-to- left text depending on OS settings
  • New Fit Text Box to Content command for text annotations
  • Descriptions for Stamps
  • Two finger scrolling for multi touch devices
  • Installation and Update improvements
  • Print to PDF Annotator driver fixes
  • Minor fixes

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