PDF Annotator 2: A mature software solution for the hot new Tablet PC!

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Everyone agrees on one point: 2010 will be the year of the Tablet PC. Many companies, from Microsoft to Apple, are already preparing to hatch their brand-new products. Even before the new hardware becomes available, Windows PDF Annotator 2 will be waiting at the door. This solution for editing and annotating PDF files has long been optimized for Tablet PCs and has mastered the possibilities of multi-touch operation.

In a nutshell:

  • PDF Annotator 2 allows comments on PDFs
  • The latest version runs on Windows 7
  • A perfect partner for Tablet PCs and Slates
  • Optimized for touch- and multi-touch operation
  • Link: www.PDFAnnotator.com

PDF files are the uncontested choice when it comes to sharing data between different persons, computers, and operating systems. PDFs have even crossed into the mobile domain, and can increasingly be found on cell phones, smart phones, and iPhones. You can be absolutely sure that they will also find their place on the new Tablet PCs that are sure to be Topic Number 1 in 2010.

The advantages of PDFs is that they preserve the content and appearance of a document, presentation or graphic image. The disadvantage: there is no easy way to modify them. This is where PDF Annotator 2 comes in: software that lets you open and edit any PDF file on your screen. This makes it possible to add comments, corrections, drawings, signatures, remarks and highlighting to the original file and to save them there.

As Oliver Grahl of GRAHL software design puts it: "PDF Annotator 2 is a powerful program that makes it simple and easy to edit books and correct contracts, or any type of document, on the screen. On the classic desktop system, it is already easy to use, but it's only on a touchscreen machine that its full creative capabilities come to life. That's why we're looking forward to the new Tablet PCs: it's as if the matching hardware for our program had just been developed."

PDF Annotator 2: Multi-Touch Motion on a Tablet PC

PDF Annotator 2 has been adapted for the Tablet PC for years. For example, in university settings, teaching assistants might use PDF Annotator 2 to project a PDF document containing gaps in the text on a wall, and add handwritten remarks in the course of a lecture. At the end, the completed document becomes a record of the lecture in PDF format that can be made available to students through the web.

Now, the new Tablet PCs will improve on the process even more. In the Tablet PC environment, users can use their finger as a highlighter, circle errors in a document and add supplementary text in the margin. This makes it much simpler to process any kind of text since it builds on the classic method using pen and paper.

Oliver Grahl: "The inroads that Microsoft and Apple are making in this area show how larger companies are making the Tablet PC the number one hardware gadget of 2010. We are ready for them, and expect PDF Annotator 2 to be the first Windows application that is completely suited for this environment."

PDF Annotator 2: Free 30-day trial available

PDF Annotator (11,3 MB) is available for Windows XP, 2000, Vista and Windows 7, and for Tablet PC's as well. A free 30-day trial can be downloaded from www-grahl-software.com. Retail price is 69.95 Euros. Special terms are available for students, schools and universities. Significant discounts also apply to multiple-use licenses.

Homepage: http://www.GRAHL-software.com
Description: www.PDFAnnotator.com
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For more information, contact GRAHL software design, Seligenthaler Str. 54, 84034 Landshut, Germany. Email: info AT GRAHL-software.com Internet: http://www.GRAHL-software.com Phone: +49 871 966 58 13 Fax: +49 871 966 58 18.

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