PDF Annotator 1.3 with numerous improvements

We have just finished a maintenance release for PDF Annotator, but this release also contains numerous improvements and new features that have been requested by our users. Just to name a few:

  • Navigate through documents using bookmarks and clickable links.
  • Text search now finds text in all documents and even in your annotations.
  • Delete using scratchout gestures (Tablet PC users only), and select using the barrel button (or right mouse button) without having to change to select mode before.
  • Rotate all pages.
  • Printing extremely optimized, resulting in smaller print jobs.
  • New backup options.
  • Improved rendering and additional option for optimized rendering on LCD screens.
  • Better support for large documents by improved memory management.
  • See History, available on our download page, for complete list.
PDF Annotator 1.3 is a free update for our existing customers.

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