PDF Annotator "School Pack": PDF's are Appearing Everywhere in the Academic and Research Worlds

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PDF Annotator makes it easy to write and draw directly on PDF documents. Right now, PDF Annotator is finding more and more uses in instructional settings-by both teachers and students. Seizing on this, the producer has now decided to make the software available as an economically-priced "School Pack."

Any document, spreadsheet or presentation can be saved in PDF format. And anyone can view any of these files with the free Acrobat Reader. So it doesn't matter what application was originally used to create the PDF. Meanwhile PDF (Portable Document Format) documents are spreading like wildlife and popping up everywhere.

A PDF revolution is taking place on the average home computer. Formerly, PDF documents could only be viewed and printed-unless one had expensive additional software, they could not be edited. Now, PDF Annotator makes it easy and cost-efficient to add notes to PDF documents. Comments can be added in longhand. Anyone can now circle entire paragraphs, draw arrows to point out areas of special interest, or underline text. In the past, PDF Annotator could be found mainly in businesses, where with either a Tablet PC or a Windows 2000/XP desktop, documents or charts could be edited and commented on the spot. Now, this versatile tool has now made its way into the realm of teaching and research.

Creative Instruction-Using PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator is finding more and more uses in schools and universities. For example, in private schools where many students have laptops or Tablet PC's, they can can fill in answers to worksheets directly on the screen. The teacher can then collect the saved PDF's and grade them. Says developer Oliver Grahl, "In some schools, technological progress is not just a talking point, but reality. We are glad to see PDF Annotator helping to make this possible."

PDF Annotator can also be found in ever more settings at the university level. No longer is it necessary to install clunky overhead projectors-instead, instructors can simply connect a PC projector to a Tablet PC. Instructors can write directly on a pen-equipped computer while lecturing, in the same way they used to write on a transparency or chalkboard. Results are displayed directly on the screen, and the subject matter becomes alive and immediate. And that's not all: According to Oliver Grahl, "When the lecture is over, the entire script can simply be loaded to a server as a PDF and subsequently downloaded. Students can dispense with taking notes and really concentrate on the lecture."

That is just the first of many possibilities involving PDF Annotator. Instructors can also use it to scan exams, distribute articles with added comments, or add observations to theses.

Now available: the "School Pack" at an especially attractive price

Students may now obtain PDF Annotator at a special "Spring Savings" price of US$34.90 instead of $49.95. For those students who want to save both their friends and themselves money, there is also the "Buddy Pack": a package of 5 licenses that brings down the cost of one license to $25.80. For a group of 10, the per-license prices drops to $22.90. When PDF Annotator is purchased for an entire school or university, an even greater discount is applied: The price drops to $9.98 (100 Pack), $2.80 (500 Pack), or $2.00 per license (1000 pack).

"PDF Annotator 1.2" (3.4 MB) can be downloaded and used on a trial basis for 30 days. A User Guide in PDF format is available as a separate 1.1 MB PDF file. The program runs on a Tablet PC or a Windows 2000/XP desktop.

For more information, contact GRAHL software design, Seligenthaler Str. 54, 84034 Landshut, Germany. Email: info AT GRAHL-software.com Internet: http://www.GRAHL-software.com Phone: ++49 871 966 58 13 Fax: ++49 871 966 58 18.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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