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Contact: Oliver Grahl, ++49 871 966 58 13, info AT GRAHL-software.com

GRAHL software design has released PDF Annotator(tm), a Tablet PC program that lets you open any PDF file, add comments using the Tablet PC pen, and save the annotated documents in PDF format. Using PDF Annotator, you can highlight text, circle or cross out items, write your comments in the margins, and provide all sorts of written feedback that your business colleagues, customers, prospects, and students can read or print.

On December 1, 2004, Microsoft announced the winners of their Tablet PC Developer Application Contest, and PDF Annotator was among the 12 applications that won an award. For more information, please see Microsoft's press release on http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2004/dec04/12-01TabletPCWinnerPR.asp

Before PDF Annotator, proofreading and commenting on a PDF file was a complex process. All of the people on the project had to have multiple software products, and spend a lot of time wrestling with files. Alternatively, they could print PDF files, annotate them manually, and pass paper to the various team members. PDF Annotator lets you add comments naturally, using a pen. All files remain in standard PDF format, and all of the work takes place in a single step. The resulting PDF files can be easily emailed to business colleagues around the world.

It's simple to insert blank pages and add extensive comments. You can even use PDF Annotator for note taking by creating a new, blank PDF document.

Filling in forms is a natural application for PDF Annotator. People can enter information and distribute it to colleagues, without having to learn to use a new computer program.

Whether you're a business manager who is responsible for coordinating work with people around the globe, a project manager who needs to get quick feedback from team members, a business owner who needs an easy way for customers to fill in forms and sign documents, an educator who wants an efficient way to provide feedback to students, or a creative writer who needs to gather feedback from people who lack complex technical skills, PDF Annotator has the tools that you need.

PDF Annotator runs on the Tablet PC and similar devices, costs $29.90(US) or 24.90 Euros for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online from http://www.GRAHL-software.com/. Multi-user licenses are available. You can download a 30-day trial version from the same web address.

For more information, contact GRAHL software design, Seligenthaler Str. 54, 84034 Landshut, Germany. Email: info AT GRAHL-software.com Internet: http://www.GRAHL-software.com Phone: ++49 871 966 58 13 Fax: ++49 871 966 58 18.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About GRAHL software design

Since 1996, GRAHL software design has been developing and marketing Windows productivity tools for business and home users. In addition to PDF Annotator, the company also offers SnippetCenter, an information manager that archives text documents, files, code snippets, Internet addresses, comments and notes; AB-Clock, a world time clock, calendar, alarm, and system monitor; AB-Edit, a no-cost, multiple-document text editor; AB-Euro, a free desktop currency calculator that converts between the Euro and 28 major currencies; and MessageBlocker, an Outlook Express add-on that enhances privacy and safety by blocking unwanted messages.

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