How to save only pages with annotations

It's just a couple of clicks to save only pages containing annotations.

Maybe you've got a more than 100 pages document, with annotations on just a couple of those pages. Now, you want to save only those pages containing annotations to a new document.

Let's start with a sample document of 118 pages, which has annotations on just two or three of them.

PDF document with annotations on some pages

First, we open the Pages sidebar with a click on the Pages tab on the left side of the screen.

Open the Pages sidebar

Next, we click the Pages button on the top left of the sidebar.

We click Select and Pages with Annotations.

Select, Pages with Annotations

As a result, we can see that all pages containing at least one annotation have been selected in the Pages sidebar.

Pages with annotations have been selected

Once again, we click the Pages button on the top left of the sidebar.

This time, we click Extract Page.

Saving selected pages

And as a result, a new document will be created on a new document tab called Unnamed.pdf.

The new document only contains the pages we previously selected - all pages containing annotations.

New document with only pages with annotations

Finally, we can click File, Save as to save the newly created document under a new name.