Changing a Predefined Tool Style

The toolbox in the PDF Annotator sidebar shows you a wide range of predefined tool options. When you click on a pen, marker or text tool choice, the toolbar above your document changes to the chosen tool properties.

You can change the options for that tool by selecting them in the toolbar. However, you may have a particular set of options that you use frequently. It is possible to set those options as new defaults for the predefined tool.

These settings can be changed in each individual toolbox. Another option is to change the settings in the Favorites toolbox and leave the tool unchanged in its original toolbox. Additionally, changes made in the Favorites toolbox are reflected in the Favorites toolbar.

For this example, we will use the Favorites toolbox.

  1. Changing a Predefined Tool Style Open PDF Annotator and click on the Favorites toolbox in the side bar. (Note: you do not need to have a document open at this time.)
  2. Choose a tool by clicking on it.
  3. Now click on the Edit selected tool icon. It's the one next to the minus sign (Delete selected) at the top of the toolbox.
  4. You will get a dialog box that allows you to change the setting for that tool. Color, width, pressure sensitivity and auto-smoothing are options available for pens and markers. Text box options include font, size, style, color and background options.
    Configure Tool
  5. Choose the desired options and click OK.

As previously mentioned, changes made to tools in the Favorites toolbox are mirrored in the Favorites toolbar. If the toolbar isn't showing, you can activate it by going to the View menu on the standard menu bar, scroll down to Toolbars, and then check Favorite Tools.

Graphical Tools As mentioned above, the pens, markers and text boxes can be changed in their respective toolboxes. Additionally, you might want to change the default settings in the graphical tools toolbox. You can add these modified tools to the Favorites toolbox for quick access by clicking on the heart shaped icon.

Finally, it is easy to reset the tools to their original settings. Choose a toolbox and then click on the toolbox options icon at the top right corner of the toolbox. When it opens, choose the Reset option for that toolbox.
Reset toolbox
Click OK on the confirmation dialog box and it will be reset to its delivery state.

Move or undock toolbars Quick Tip: The Favorites toolbar can be undocked and dragged to another location on the screen. Position your cursor over the top of the toolbar so that you get the grab handle. Click and drag the toolbar to your new location.