Delete, Insert, Append PDF Pages

In this article, we would like to give an overview of some of the functionality of the Page Manager in PDF Annotator.

The pivotal point is the Page Manager tab that appears on the left edge of the main window. When you click the Pages tab, the Page Manager opens with all the pages of the current document represented by thumbnail images. As you would expect, clicking on any one of them will bring you directly to the respective page. However, the actual Page Manager functions are accessed through the toolbar at the top of Page Manager. They can be divided into those functions that refer to a particular page and those that apply to the document as a whole. Part 1 of our three-part series on the Page Manager will focus on the page functions.

Most of the page functions can be applied either to a single page or to several pages at once. To apply them to several pages, you need to select those pages in Page Manager. You can either use the check box at the upper left of each thumbnail to select or deselect each page, or use the CTRL key while clicking various pages, or the SHIFT key to select a sequence of pages-just as you would in any number of Windows applications that you are probably familiar with. In either case, you can identify the selected pages by the orange check mark and the heavy frame around each one.

The Selection menu in Page Manager contains a number of additional useful commands. Particularly important would be the functions that can be used to select all pages either with or without annotations.

For example, if you want to reduce your new document to only the pages where you have added comments with PDF Annotator, just use Pages without Annotations to select those you have not changed and then Delete Page to remove all of these at once.

Or suppose that you would like to print all the pages where you have added corrections. You would then use Pages with Annotations to first select all these pages and then in the Print window, apply the Selected Pages setting.

One feature that you might find particularly useful is Reverse Selection. Suppose that you want to retain only the first two pages of a 200-page document. Then mark these two pages in Page Manager, and use the Reverse Selection and Delete Pages functions to delete the following 198 pages, and you're done!

Using Insert Page or Append Page, you can add a new page either before or after the current page. This can be especially useful if a page of your original document does not have enough room to hold all of your annotations.

Our tip:
Insert a blank page after the one that you would like to comment and switch to Two Page layout. You can then add your comments on the right-hand page while viewing the original page on the left.

In Part 2, we will talk about some additional page-related functions; then in Part 3 of this article series, we will cover some of the document functions.